Subproject A2 – Functional analysis of carbohydrate-active enzymes

Responsible: Uwe Bornscheuer, Greifswald University

Subproject A2 aims to functionally characterize a selection of CAZymes with special focus on putative laminarinase, chitin- or alginate converting enzymes already discovered in the consortium. This includes their functional expression in microbial hosts, synthesis of suitable substrates, development of high-throughput assays and mutagenesis studies to decipher their functions. Furthermore, the role of 'auxiliary enzymes' as well as sulfatases is being studied.

All research is performed in close collaboration with subprojects A1 and A3 and fostered by input from subprojects B1 and B2. This study will deduce the individual role of distinct enzymes within polysaccharide degradation during algae blooms.